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How to distinguish the quality of boron carbide plate?

2018-08-13 17:37:06

How to distinguish the quality of boron carbide plate? In fact, no matter what product you choose, this is all to consider, we will show you how to identify the quality of boron carbide plate.

In the field of industrial market is no exception, silicon carbide plate is one of the refractory industry special refractory material products, it is suitable for various industries in the kiln, refractory and thermal insulation in the special area, because it is belong to the high temperature parts, so it must be to ensure that the quality of, how to identify the true and false? Of silicon carbide plate, first, must choose normal manufacturers to buy, also please experts to identify in this respect, because cannot use the professional instrument to measure, can according to the color and degree of hardness to know its advantages and disadvantages, so that it can be the fastest to identify its quality stand or fall, And select the appropriate specifications of products to purchase

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