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What industries are silicon carbide ceramics mainly used in?

2018-08-13 17:34:47

Silicon carbide ceramics are made through certain sintering process of silicon carbide. As such parts have good stability, they are generally used as parts in anti-corrosion environment, which are durable and effective. Silicon carbide ceramics can be roughly divided into the following types.

1. The grinding medium used in the corrosion-resistant ball mill has an important impact on the grinding efficiency. The basic requirements are high hardness and good toughness to ensure high grinding efficiency and low doping. The silicon carbide ceramics manufactured by our company are suitable for ordinary ball mills. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength and moderate price. Another kind of silicon carbide ceramic grinding medium is suitable for vibration ball mill and stirring ball mill because of its high strength and good toughness.

Due to its high hardness, low specific gravity, good ballistic performance and low price, bulletproof silicon carbide ceramics are widely used in bullet-proof armor, such as protection of vehicles and ships, as well as protection of civilian safe and cash transport vehicles. The ballistics performance of silicon carbide ceramics is better than that of alumina ceramics, about 70-80% of boron carbide ceramics. However, due to its low price, silicon carbide ceramics are especially suitable for use in large quantities, and the protective armor cannot be too thick or too heavy. I company production of SIC - 2 type of silicon carbide ceramics has the features of high strength and good toughness, as bulletproof armor material, its resistance to repeated blows performance is very good, so the overall protective effect is better than that of ordinary silicon carbide ceramic, used for cylindrical ceramic light protective armor, the broken point of 6.5 tons, protective effect is superior to use ordinary silicon carbide ceramics cylindrical ceramic body protective armor.

Use on sealing ring. Silicon carbide ceramics have good chemical resistance, high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient and high temperature resistance. When it is combined with graphite, its friction coefficient is smaller than that of alumina ceramics and cemented carbide, so it can be used in high PV value, especially in the condition of transporting strong acid and strong alkali. Due to the silicon carbide substrate containing large amounts of dispersed small graphite particles, when paired with other materials used, its friction coefficient is very small, has a good self-lubricating performance, especially suitable for making gas seal or seals used in the dry friction condition, which makes the service life of seals and working reliability.

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