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Preparation of silicon carbide ceramics

2018-08-13 17:31:37

The preparation method of silicon carbide ceramics is not a secret. It is very clear in the basic industry. However, the process control in the repreparation process of various manufacturers is different.

(1) hot pressed silicon carbide ceramics

Although the temperature above 2000 degrees and the pressure above 350MPa can make pure SIC hot compaction, the additive method is usually adopted. There are two kinds of hot pressure additives: one kind forms liquid phase with impurities in silicon carbide and promotes sintering through liquid phase. One is that the solid solution formed with SiC can reduce grain boundary and promote sintering.

(2) atmospheric pressure silicon carbide ceramics

Normal pressure sintered silicon carbide is also named as pressure-free sintered silicon carbide. High purity and high density silicon carbide ceramics are generated at temperatures above 2100 degrees of sintering.

(3) reactive silicon carbide ceramics

Reactive sintered silicon carbide is also known as self-bonded SIC. The silicon carbide powder and graphite powder are mixed and pressed into blank blocks in a certain proportion and heated to about 1650 degrees.

The above is the introduction of the preparation method of silicon carbide ceramics. For more information about silicon carbide ceramics, please visit

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