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Shandong Meida Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd., located in Weifang City, China, is a professional manufacturer of reaction bonded fine silicon carbide ceramics.

The company has a strong technical force and mature production process. It has a professional senior engineer and product development team, and adopts advanced computer design technology and CNC machining center to develop and design new products. Advanced production equipment: the world's most advanced high temperature vacuum reaction sintering vacuum furnace and various machining equipment; Quality system is sound and effective: product quality has reached European standards; The product has high temperature resistance, quick cold and quick heat stability, high folding resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion, wear resistance, impact resistance and other superior characteristics, and its performance has been tested and recognized by the national authoritative testing agency.

Company products series are: reaction-bonded silicon carbide radiant tube inner tube, beam, roller rod, desulfurizing nozzle,  thermocouple protection tube, cold-air tube, case, crucible, blast nozzle, axle sleeve, sealing element, and various high-temperature resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant silicon carbide irregular parts. They are widely used in high temperature ceramic kilns and power plants, large power plants, large boiler desulfurization dust removal equipment, new materials and military equipment, are involved in the industry and machinery, metallurgy, electronics, chemical industry, steel, ceramics, papermaking, ore dressing, nuclear industry, national defense, etc. The products sell well in China, and some products have been exported to America, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, united Arab emirates, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions in batches.

Adhering to the concept of "honest service and excellent quality", we will continue to improve product quality, promote innovation, vigorously develop new products, and actively commit to providing customers at home and abroad with high-quality reaction-sintered silicon carbide products. Sincerely welcome new and old friends to visit the company, guidance, negotiations!

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