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Knowledge of silicon carbide nozzle performance

2018-08-14 09:27:39

Silicon carbide nozzle is widely used as an energy-saving refractory in high temperature kilns. The following is the performance of silicon carbide nozzle:

Silicon carbide jet nozzles not only have excellent normal temperature mechanical properties, such as high bending strength, excellent oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, but also high temperature mechanical properties (strength, creep resistance, etc.) are the best in known ceramic materials. Hot-pressing sintering, pressureless sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering material, the high temperature strength can be maintained to 1600 ℃, is the best material ceramic material of high temperature strength. Antioxidant properties are also the best of all non-oxide ceramics.

Silicon carbide spray burner with excellent heat and wear resistance, oxidation resistance, shock resistance, high strength, no residue, no crack, long service life, easy to change, such as roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln ideal flame kiln furniture, suitable for ceramic industry, chemical industry, glass, metallurgy and other fields use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, diesel and other industrial kiln mouth with spray fire, can effectively control the temperature of equilibrium.

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